Knackies Bear-B-Cue Sauce

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From original mild to sweet chili mustard, come try a local favorite from Inman, KS!

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Knackies is a commercial bakery, catering, sauce company that boasts two restaurant locations in Kansas (Inman and McPherson). They are one of our many Local Kansas Products in Jackson Meat and their Bear-B-Cue Sauces are delicious! Try a new flavor today!

Original: Knackies mild sauce that goes well with almost everything! Kids love and so will you!

Hot-n-Spicy: One of Knackies spicy options with just a hint of heat! If you like a little spice but not a lot of heat, this sauce is for you! Add to any recipe to get a little "zip"!

Sweet Fire: Hottest sauce we offer! The more you eat, the hotter it gets! Taste the great flavor, then watch for the heat!

Sweet Chili Mustard: It's like no other! Great on any cold lunch meats, as a grill baste on poultry or add some kick to baked beans. This sauce is sweet with a southwestern twinge to it!

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