Sticky Spoons Jellies

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Sticky Spoons jellies are homemade in a cottage kitchen and taste "just like grandma used to make!"

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Sticky Spoons provides quality, locally-grown fruit jellies utilizing jarring methods passed down from previous generations. Each jar is handcrafted and made in their 'cottage' kitchen - no mass production there! We carry a variety of flavors at Jackson Meat that change depending on the time of year in a half-pint size.

Apple Cinnamon: The flavor that started it all! A comforting combination of apples and cinnamon...tastes like old-fashioned apple butter.

Absolutely Apricot: An old-fashioned favorite mixed with just a splash of lemon!

Berrylicious: Grapes, Cherries, Apples, and Blueberries...all blended into a heavenly fruitness!

Elegant Elderberry: The Elderberry comes from a plant native to Kansas creekbeds. With undertones of blackberry and grape, many people have prized the elderberry for its healing properties.

Glorious Gooseberry: An icredibly tart fruit which resembles a small green "cat's eye" marble. Makes an excellent jelly with its own unique flavor.

Great Grape: Just like Grandma's old-fashioned recipe...made with full-flavored, home-grown Kansas concord grapes.

Peerless Pear: Kansas-grown Bartlett pears combined with a hint of cloves...tastes like old-fashioned pear-butter, but with a lighter texture. (Goes well on Ginger-spice muffins).

Pyro Peach: Our Fresh Peach jelly with a zing! Red Jalapeno peppers added for the fun of it! Try as a dip or use it as a glaze on baked fish or chicken.

Rapturous Raspberry: Wonderful, flavorful berries from Oregon make a tart-sweet jelly (with some seeds) that's great on hot biscuits or scones.

Really Rhu-Berry: Our own concoction! Family-approved! A blend of Kansas rhubarb and Michigan blueberries that brings out the best of both fruits.

Rockin' Raspberry: Same wonderful Red Raspberries with some heat!

Sandhill Plum: A native prairie fruit highly prized since pioneer days for its tart plum taste. Grows only in Tornado Alley, from North Dakota to the West Texas panhandle. Kansas folks' favorite, but we reckon you'll like it too. It's our Bread & Butter...and Jelly!

Strawberry Rhubarb: Plump, ripe strawberries are used to exact the very best flavor. Bring back the greatest childhood memories!

Very Cherry: We pick the tart pie cherries ourselves at the peak of the season. Wonderful on scones! "Cherry pie (with a touch of almond) in a jar!"

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